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Floriade 2012 – From Cradle 2 Cradle™ philosophy to Realization

This paper discusses the development and implementation of an integral sustainability framework, inspired by Cradle to Cradle™ principles, at a large land development project and world horticultural exposition in the Netherlands. The focus of this study is the development of novel monitoring and reporting methods that have been co-developed to account for the complexity of this cutting-edge project. For this purpose “pattern language” was used, developed by Christopher Alexander. The sustainability reporting work at the Floriade 2012 is on-going. The current phase of the study focuses on integrating the lessons learned from applying pattern language with more conventional sustainability reporting methods.

Complete article here: Floriade_2012_from_C2C_philosophy_to_realization

The Willowman

Hidden away in the forests of the Floriade the willow art project The Willowman represented the ideas of the Floriade for sustainable development.

The sustainability principles of the Cradle to Cradle philosophy were presented in the willow project in a very natural way. Through the simplicity of the project all visitors, children as well a adults, are reminded of the basic natural cycles or are brought into contact with them again. The Willowman was an unique natural experience in which art and education were brought together in a very accessible way.

The curiosity of the visitor and their urge to discover were awakened by the Willowman’s story and the artist’s permanent presence. The art objects in the willow village were given an identity and personality by The Willowman, The connection between art and nature is thus brought to life.

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Regio Venlo Floriade 2012: Architectuur en communicatie

Het centrale uitgangspunt van de Floriade is het motto: Maak deel uit van het theater van de natuur, geraak dichter bij de kwaliteit van het leven (Be part of the theatre in nature, get closer to the quality of Life). De vijf thema’s van de Nederlandse tuinbouwsector, Environment, Green Engine, Education & Innovation, Relax & Heal en World Show Stage, zijn daaraan gerelateerd.

Zowel het motto als de vijf thema’s zullen in een belevingsrijke vorm aan de bezoekers worden gepresenteerd. Volgens de definitie is beleving een blijvende, individuele, positieve ervaring. Volgens ‘The Experience Economy’ van B.J. Pine en J.H. Gilmore moet een beleving aan de criteria Entertainment, Educatie, Esthetiek en Escape voldoen.

Floriade 2012

Floriade 2012

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