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Dismantling Region Venlo Floriade 2012: An Example for smart recycling and after use

The Floriade 2012 is one of the first major sustainable land development projects in The Netherlands inspired by the Cradle to CradleTM (C2C) design philosophy. A set of principles inspired by C2CTM as well as vision and mission statement were developed: the Floriade/Venlo Principles. About ninety percent of the developed Floriade park was transferred to the future business park, Venlo Greenpark. Less than one percent of the Floriade material had to pass through a down cycling process. One of the most interesting upcycling projects is the transformation of the terrace of the BeachClub and the wooden forest paths into garden furniture and wooden houses.

The Floriade is a large world horticulture exposition that is held every ten years in the Netherlands. From April to October 2012, the sixth edition of the Floriade was organized by the Region Venlo Floriade 2012. There were approximately 100 domestic and 40 foreign participants expecting over two million visitors. The entire area comprises 66 hectares (163 acres) and now that the Floriade closed its gates, it will continue life as a green business and educational park, “Venlo Greenpark.”

Venlo Greenpark/Floriade is one of the first major sustainable land development projects in Netherlands inspired by the Cradle to CradleTM (C2C) design philosophy. The Floriade C2C framework developed in cooperation with William McDonough and Michael Braungart has originally been applied to buildings and manufacturing design and is now being adapted for land development.

Biological/ Technical cycle of the C2C design concept

Biological/ Technical cycle of the C2C design concept

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Floriade 2012 – From Cradle 2 Cradle™ philosophy to Realization

This paper discusses the development and implementation of an integral sustainability framework, inspired by Cradle to Cradle™ principles, at a large land development project and world horticultural exposition in the Netherlands. The focus of this study is the development of novel monitoring and reporting methods that have been co-developed to account for the complexity of this cutting-edge project. For this purpose “pattern language” was used, developed by Christopher Alexander. The sustainability reporting work at the Floriade 2012 is on-going. The current phase of the study focuses on integrating the lessons learned from applying pattern language with more conventional sustainability reporting methods.

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